July 31, 2006

Welcome to my blog. 

Why am I doing it? In part to test WordPress. But, more to the point, to offer a counterpoint to the the pervasive agenda-driven discourse in the media. Somewhere in the last fifty years, the idea of journalistic integrity has been completely lost. The idea of a dialogue in search of common truth has become replaced by “staying on message,” “talking points,” “sound bites,” and infotainment.

Why would you read it? First, I because Iam interested in truth, which means I intended to present topics in a way that enables you to make a clear decision that fits your values. We’ll talk about what “truth”is in a later piece, but I think I can present the and compare the sides of an issue better than almost anyone. I’ve always been interested in relentless learning since a young age, and, more recently, I’ve trained

Why is it “dialogue?” Dialogue for this purpose is the conversation of people who jointly seek to reach a higher truth.

have a forum to pursue a core dream of mine. Sometimes people ask, “What would you do if you had a million dollars?” and I answer “Write about my research questions” and my research questions are this list of interesting questions that I have been saving since I started trying to think of something to write my dissertation on.